Installation of Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu is open source operating system which is freely available. Ubuntu 13.04 non LTS “Raring Ringtall” was released for Desktop, Servers and clouds on 25th April  2013. I used this and found it very easy to install and operate. Even it is better than windows as it requires less memory and provides fastest access. In order to install this on your system follow the steps given below:

1. Boot your computer with Ubuntu 13.04 installation CD/DVD or ISO.

2. Select the language and to install on Hard Disk, you may select either “TRY Ubuntu” or “Install Ubuntu”.

3. A window named “Preparing to Install Ubuntu” will appear. You may select first two options here if you have internet connection on your computer.

4. Select the installation type then. If you already have another operating system you may either select option to install this alongside or replace the previous. If you want to do partition of disk by your own then select “Something Else”. For only new installation select “Erase disk and Install Ubuntu”.

5. Select your location. If you are connected to the internet then your location will automatically be selected.

6. Select your Keyboard layout.

7. Enter User login and Password.

8. After that copying files on Hard Disk Started.

9. After few minutes, your installation will complete. Eject the bootable device either CD/DVD or ISO whatever you used.

10. Restart.

11. Now Login screen will appear.

12. Done. Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop.

These were the all steps to Install Ubuntu.


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