Knowledge Sharing Sessions- 5th-6th July

From two days we were attending knowledge sharing sessions and it was really good to know about new technologies. On the very first day of it, the session was quite excited. Inder made very good conversation with the audience at initial step. His talk was to inspire others and his main focus was on Aaron Swartz, the person who created RSS in the very young age. He also talked about designing strategies. How the things are designed? How these are following a particular pattern? He gave the examples of user-friendly designs. Then he summed up and after a break there was a discussion on big data by Navjot Singh Tung. He discussed all about it and for one to one interaction he just started asking questions from the audience. The motive behind this was to get the idea, how many of us know what they want in next 6 years and to motivate us to select our goal. He explained how Big Data is growing and where one can see himself in future if he/she is working with it. Navjot introduced us to a team that was working on some kind of Sentimental Analysis Project. The team members explained the motive to make this project and explained how it will work. There was good discussing session between the GD members and that team about its working criteria and limitations. At last there was a questioning session and after that all left the hall. I got some problem in my work and was discussing about that with senior member and just missed the thing which was really interesting. Our GD members are Multi talented, I knew that yesterday. Most of the members are very good in mimicry and acting. Woww! 😀 Well! It was all about 1st day i.e on 5th July 2014. On the second day , Sir Navdeep introduced some interesting aspects related to Big Data. It was good session. Navjot gave very interesting examples to explain the concepts. He gave the examples from the real world which really worked to get our attentions. Our GD members were very keen to know about the working of new database concepts. So, they asked a lot of questions from both. After that, the team working on SENTIMENTAL ANALYSIS project started to explain their project wit us. How they coded that and how it will work. Initially it was good but when the portion of equations got start the things were going above of my mind. Yes, I’m weak in maths. But rest of the members were listening to them very carefully. Today, I knew the importance of differentiation. At last I would like to say, It was good to get the idea about the upcoming technologies and the importance of Data world.


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