Tasksel in Ubuntu

Tasksel is an interface which shows the list of all the available packages as a coordinated task to the user. You can select any packeage you want to install. This function is similar to that of meta-packages.

Installation of Tasksel:

As tasksel manages many packages as a package manager, it is not installed by default. We have to install this with the help of following command-line:

$ sudo ap-get install tasksel

How it Works:

To run tasksel from the command-line, type-

$ sudo tasksel

It will show the following tasksel menu:


The tasks which are already installed will have an asterik beside their name. In order to select the desired one to install just scroll down and select it by pressing the space. This will put asterik beside the selected task and mark it for installation. Remove an asterik mark to remove the package. Press Ok to install and remove the packages. It will automatically start using apt-get.

Command Line Arguments:

You can also use command to install the same with tasksel.For example, if you want to add Lamp server, you can use the following command-line:

$ sudo tasksel install lamp-server

To see the available packages (Installed -i or uninstalled -u):

tasksel –list-task

For complete options, see the tasksel manpage:

man tasksel

Usage (alternative):

Tasks can also be installed with apt-get using the syntax:

To install : tasksel install
To remove : tasksel remove

Tasks List:

Tasks are defined in .desc files found in /usr/share/tasksel. Debian derivatives can easily add tasks.

The default list available in Ubuntu can be viewed with this command-line:

grep Task /usr/share/tasksel/ubuntu-tasks.desc

I wish this will help you. 🙂


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