Daily Report

Today, I reached TCC exactly on time and there I met Dr. Rai to ask for some new works. He advised to work efficiently and to write the blogs properly. As per his advise I’m writing all about today’s experiences and learning.

As TCC hall was booked and Microprocessor Lab was assigned to all trainees to work but due to non-availability of internet we all GD members got the permission to work in projector Lab (MBA Block). After getting the permission, we moved there and started our works.

All were busy with their works and at 10:33 am we had a mail by Ravneet. She and her project partner Rajveer were going to give the presentation on “Creation of Static Web Pages through CGI”. They explained us the way by which one can create his/her own web pages.

Rajveer started her presentation with the explanation of installation process:-
1. Install apache2 using-

$ sudo apt-get install apache2

2. Then use a2enmod command to enable cgid and other user directories.

3. Make directory named cgi-bin:-

$ mkdir cgi-bin

4. Open this and place every program here, you typed in c++ or any other language.

5. Then they explained about scripting and path setting.

After this rajveer displayed the page, they took the example of Detail Mark sheet which is always generated after examination result. She explained the entire code and html tags used. From Java Script they used mouseover effect to show pop-up message when we move cursor near to some specific text. Everyone was listening to them. Senior members appreciated their work and gave them some ideas to make it dynamic. Amrit, Harjot and Balpreet explained the concept of database connectivity to them. Then within half an hour they finished with all their stuffs.

Then again, we all got busy in our work. As from the starting of my day I was studying different strategies of Baka Plan. But when I felt I’m loosing my interest in reading code then I fixed my dongle to my laptop and tried to install it in Ubuntu. My dongle is not working in Ubuntu OS. I’ve tried several techniques to fix it but all were useless. Then I got to know by Alisha that I’ve to install mobile partner to run my Reliance dongle on Ubuntu. I just searched that on internet. There were lot of options for me on google. I installed mp21 and installed it. There were some missing drivers in my laptop so, I installed those firstly. It was not complete yet, but at 4:30 pm, there was a presentation by Arshpreet Singh on BIM, so we moved to TCC seminar Hall to attend that.

TCC Seminar Hall- Presentation on BIM – By Arshpreet Singh

Before he starts with his main topic BIM, gave some information about Cross over Cables.

Just asked the questions from the audience and Inder contributed in this talk. Cross Over cable is simple wire which can be used to share the data between two PCs. We can use other sources also to do the same task but the benefit of using it is, to remain away from the general issues came while transferring like data loss. It provides batter backup and recovery by data recovery tool used on LAN named PhotoRec without installing anything else.

It’s very easy to make the cross over cable at home. There’s no need to purchase it on double rate as its very easy to make it from simple cable and can also be converted back to its previous state.

Then, Arshpreet came to his main topic i.e. BIM. He started with its definition. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. To make it easy to understand, he explained some basic terms related to it-

1. Data Model: A structure similar to flow diagrams which represents the real world enties.

2. IFC: Industry Foundation Classes

3. AEC: Architecture Engineer and Construction

Now BIM relates to the generation and management of digital representation of physical and functional characters of places.

Then he explained about 10 truths of BIM:

1. BIM takes design to the next level
2. BIM is ecofriendly and its colour is green.
3. It destabilises the construction industry
4. Government should take the Lead
5. Both the software and the professionals must work together
6. New contacts will emerge
7. The software platform is at a crossroads
8. BIM will become the DNA of the future construction
9. Companies must work together as one.
10. ‘l’ is more important than ‘B’.

There was healthy conversation between Dr. Rai and Arshpreet Singh on the mentioned truths. Dr. Rai Contradict these and gave a logical reason behind his every statement. The discussion between the both was interesting. Albert contributed in this too. Dr. Rai gave some ideas about the strategies which should be followed to make it popular and also gave relevant information related to its work and scope in coming days. He said, “It just works as a server where huge amount of data related to construction is stored by various engineers. And every other can access the information from it. It is just like a github.” All smiled. 🙂

Then on the completion of this presentation, Arshpreet started the discussion on thin client and suggested to access the server by different clients with the help of devices connected through routers. Even, he searched this type of many things on GD and said,

“One should search on GD first before moving to google.”

All smiled and it was the end of discussion and presentation as well. I left the TCC Lab and went for my next task.

Thank you.

🙂 Good to share 🙂


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