Report – July 26

July 26, 2014

At 11:00 AM Presentation on Souvenir by Ravina and Satwant

Memories are the best souvenirs.

“Yaadein” – A website made by 6 weeks trainees named Satwant, Ravina & Dubey under the guidance of Deepak is a best souvenir which contains all the memories and beautiful moments shared by friends together in college and all their experiences they got here. It’s really beautiful.

Ravina started the presentation with its INTRODUCTION –

It’s just to maintain the database and special moments of students of final year.

Technology Used:

1. HTML5
2. CSS
3. Saas
4. PHP
5. Compass : Framework for Saas
6. Latex
7. Framework
8. Codeigniter

Saas is bit similar to CSS but with advance features. Compass is a framework. Satwant explained how they created responsive web pages. Deepak added in that.

Dr. Rai- “Will it accept the user preferences or not?”

Team: Creates little problem if we do this.

Dr. Rai: Your websites should be used by all. Here all means even handicapped persons should also be able to use this. There should be speech recognition program also. There should be technique to increase the size of fonts if one is not able to read it properly. This is called accessibility.

@Someone should give the seminar on accessibility of Web.

Continued by Satwant: We used MVC (model view controller). We could use simple criteria to make but framework can combine all modules and render the display.

Model: Whenever we use database it is done by model.

Controller: It is the interface between the models and viewer.
View file make UI of file when it accepts that from controller and display it on the screen. Controller fetches the fields from the database through models.

Feedback form:

This is to get feedback from the user and information will be stored in database. Technique used is PHP.

Forgot Password: Redirect form is maid for this. It will ask for user’s email to verify. Unique link will be passed to it which will direct to the page where new password is available.

Latex:Both then explained about their work in Latex. There were some issues with the report.

Dr. Rai explained how imposition is helpful to decrease paper wastage. As printing perimeter is less if you’re using single page for each because there will be margin for every sheet, which will definitely be a paper wastage as it can be reduced if you’re using imposition because there’ll be merged pages on single large sheet and there will be no need to cut the waste paper.

Ravina: We made souvenir .pdf: with PHP

Problem with resolution of images:
Team: We don’t take images directly because we need proper pattern.

Dr. Rai: Why your photos got stretched?

Harjot shows code for this. But Albert and Deepak contradict that we can’t use this as there will be difference in size for every image.

Dr. Rai: Then use programming skills here and make the things happen according to your needs. But, it’s a sin to change aspects of an image.

Amrit: Difference between controller and browser???

Satwant: Browser further calls the controller for processing.

Dr. Rai: Any Question?

Inder: Is there any kind of sessions you made?

Satwant : We can make separate database field.

2:00 PM: Lunch Break

2:33 PM: Deepak continued with the presentation. Audience also lightens out the bugs in website. Live testing was going on there.

Video behind: It can’t work on mobiles.

Dr. Rai: Video should be of diff. sizes and resolutions for diff. devices as well as for browser, so that it can work properly everywhere.

Discussion related to Password Security:-

Gagan asked- When we place dot(.) between the letters of our actual email-id, even then it accepts that and opens our actual ID. Why so?

Dr. Rai: .(dot) is just for our own reference. If you’ll write with .(dot) then there’ll be no separate id. =

Registration form: CSS and angular.js used.

At last all praised for the design of the website Deepak made and there was end of presentation.

Time: 3:26pm Presentation by Charu and chanpreet on GDCAD

They showed their progress in project:

1. Implemented entities and prepared Menu bars.
2. First implemented Line(points were specified) but rubber band was pending)
3. Circle: with radius point
4. Ellipse
5. Image insertion
6. Grid setting
7. Zoom in and zoom out but it’s also creating some problems
8. Print preview option is working

Dr. Rai praised their work they all did. Invited the whole team on stage and clapped for all. Also asked about their problems they facing and gave them some solutions. Gagan also suggested and discussed about emacs editor.

At 4:13 PM, they ended with their presentation. After that there was presentation of Inder on GSOC.

Whole day was for knowledge sharing and all enjoyed it.

🙂 🙂


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