I love me ;)

Best search of mine on GD today.

Lyrics to I Love Me (I’m Wild About Myself)

Oh, You’re the one I care for

You are the one and therefore
I know you care for me
When people write their songs of love
They write of one another
It’s always sis or mom or pa
Or even one lone brother
But love songs that they’ve aimed at me
Have all gone on the shelf
I don’t think that is fair,
So I’ll write one of myself!

Oh, I Love Me
I Love Me
I’m wild about myself!
I Love Me
I Love Me
Me picture’s on my shelf!
You may not think me looks so good
but me thinks I look fine
It’s grand when I look in the glass
and know that I’m all mine!

I Love Me
I Love Me
And my love doesn’t bore
Day by day
And every way
I love’s me more and more
I take me to a quiet place
I put me arms around me waist
If me gets fresh me slaps me face
I’m wild about myself!

hahahaha!! Hope you’ll like too. 🙂 😀 😉


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