Special Sunday! ^_^

I think, I’ll be in the detaining list this time in next coming MSTs as I’ve not attended even a single class from last 10 days. Moreover, there exists online kind of attendance system. 😦 But I should be optimistic. Yes!! If it’ll happen I’ll get more time to spend at TCC. 😛 But my mum will kill me, definitely.

Found these true this time, “Health issues always have a potential to ruin your plans. You’ll not be able to do what you want to, if your body is not healthy and your mind is not alive.” True words. I never cared for my health and the result I’ve seen this time. But it’s all over now. I’m very OK and going to write all what I’ve done today.

After getting recovered from all my infirmities I am feeling very influential. One week rest has recharged me to work even more enthusiastically. Today, I woke up early in the morning and did all my daily routines, prayers and a little help to my mother. She was quite happy today after considering me perfect. She always finds her contentment in the jollity of her kids. 🙂

At 11:00 am I started my work. Initially, I did my pending office work. I typed all the documents my Boss has given to me. After finishing those, I read a little about Software Engineering as this is the topic we’ve to cover in current semester. I did all these in 3 hours.

After a short break I started again. Read the mails and then switched to the BakaPlan Review Report. This was the third assignment to me by Rai Sir. I completed the fourth one but this one is still pending. So to complete this what I’ve to do is – one review report about the latest version of BakaPlan i.e. 1.0. I revised all the previous issues in BakaPlan 8.0 (Current Version) and with the help of these checked out the new one which is yet to release. The design of UI is just amazing in latest one. I’ve outlined the features as well as some issues. But those are under improvement/development and will be completed by the team very soon. I made a rough layout of the Report. While referring to the previous mails I got that sir wants it to be made in a very professional way. I’ve tried to write the content as per the norms of Professional ‘Package Releasing Documentation’ style.

Now, the problem is, I’ve to write this using Latex. I don’t know about Latex much more than it is mandatory to use this to make the project/software reports in GD. So, to try my hands on Latex, first I searched on Google- What is it? What it does? Why this? How to install? Searched on GD about Latex, there I found some templates to make reports as well as resume. I got excited and decided to design my resume first as I’ve to show that to one of my professor within two or three days as he asked for that. Before I started, there I found a thread “Saturday’s Report” in previous mailing lists of GD. I stopped my work for a bit and just started to read that report written by Kamal. How amazing that was! 🙂 No doubt, her writing style is damn good. She always write the things amazing way and also gave brief of presentations too. I read the whole report as well as conversation on the thread. The thoughts and experiences shared by Ashish Malik were good enough to grasp. I knew about pomodoro before but today I got new one at Chains.cc and found it interesting too. Also found Presentation related to time management. The guidelines given by sir to manage our time are really acceptable. I spent 3-4 four hours in reading all such kind of stuff and enjoyed. 😀 Also read about OpenGL and found it interesting. This can be used for 3D graphics programming. But didn’t search more for that.

Then I planned to cook something delicious for my family and made rice, the only recipe which I can make without any mistake. 😛 It’s always fun to spend some time with family.

Finally, I decided to write all about today and tried to cover most of that. As a whole, it was the happiest, lovable, smiley great day for me. 🙂

* Tomorrow, I’ll try Latex.



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