To set tabstops every 4 spaces and set the shiftwidth (the amount you indent) as 4 spaces also to match tabstops using follwoing:

  1. create file ~/.vimrc, and write
    set ts=4 sw=4

    Save this, in vim your tab will work as same 4 spaces now.

Linux Commands

sudo apt-get -y upgrade

The -y flag will confirm that we are agreeing for all items to be installed, but depending on your version of Linux, you may need to confirm additional prompts as your system updates and upgrades.

CMake File

CMake is cross-platform, open-source build system developed by Kitware in 2001. To learn more about CMake you can study the CMake documentation. Here, I’m just giving you a simple example and a bit introduction related to CMake to start working with it.

Related Terms:

1. CMake- To build a simple executable code, to very elaborate projects.

2. CTest, CDash- These are used to test and debug your projects.

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